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Online Classes

Take Advantage Of Free Online Courses!

Do not underestimate that if an online course is free, it will not be of good quality. Since the internet is now a standard part of our lives, we have access to many of the top schools in the nation that offer free online courses. This includes the Ivy League schools that when mentioned mean that the person has obtained the best education possible. Why do they do this? What better way to introduce future students to the world of an online education and how it works!

If you are not sure what you would like to eventually major in, this is a great way to lessen the confusion and make an informed decision. Another way to utilize free online courses is if you are planning to try and test out of some of the basic classes that are required in your degree plan, such as English Composition or General Psychology. You can then measure if you have the knowledge needed to pass the exam in order to earn the attached credits to this prerequisite.

Also, if you have always wanted to learn about an obscure subject, you might be surprised to see it being offered online along with such classes as learning to dance the tango or learning a foreign language. There are even classes in TV repair and upholstering!

How do you start? One way is to go to the school’s website and scroll through the free courses that it offers. You might need to download the appropriate application first such as Adobe Reader to view the selections, but do not worry since these for the most part are also free to the public.

There are some schools that will ask you to provide an email address, but the majority will not. If you do not want a course that is very involved, there are many that only offer between six to 10 pages of reading material, after which, there is a multiple choice quiz for you to take. All in all, these are very uncomplicated and will allow you to get an idea of the subject matter, and if you wish for further instruction, you can then enroll into a more detailed course.

The flip side to these free courses is that you will not earn any college credits towards a degree, and you will not have access to professors or other students. Also, it could be possible that you would need to purchase the book that is used for the reading assignments.

Even with the possibility of some cons, the use of free online courses can help enhance your skills in your profession, which might lead to a pay raise or better job security! Also, there are no time restraints, so you can learn at your own pace and because these are online, you can do it from home!

The ability that we now have with obtaining more knowledge just by going onto the internet is priceless, and we should take full advantage of its existence. If you are eager to learn, just try streaming a free college course on the internet. Just remember that there are some limitations to the amount of information and how detailed it is, but learning can never be considered a bad thing at any level! If you find that you enjoy online learning, you should consider earning a college degree by enrolling in one of the accredited online colleges.