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GED Preparation

The GED is a way for adults age 18 and older to obtain a high school equivalency diploma. Adults interested in receiving their GED must pass the GED exam, which tests an individuals reading, writing, and math skills. In order to pass the GED test, you will have to score higher than 60% of graduating high school seniors nationwide. Each year, the benchmark will differ, so there isn’t a defined score given before taking the test.

There are many options available to prepare for the GED test. The most popular GED preparation would be a GED Prep class, which can be taken both online and in a classroom. Recently, many GED prep courses are offering the option for students to take both their online and classroom GED prep courses. This has given preparers the opportunity to learn the material at their own pace while still being able to go into the classroom to ask questions and receive help in the problem areas.

GED preparation courses vary in prices, which range from free to a couple hundred dollars. The free courses are usually 30-45 minutes at your local high school or community college that will give you a brief overview of what to expect on the exam with a pamphlet outlining the test structure. The more expensive courses give students GED practice material, online reviews, classroom tutoring, and a mock GED exam. All these exercises are used to improve the student’s ability to successfully pass. The mock GED exam is a great opportunity to see what areas still need improvement before you actually take the exam.