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GED Online

Because of technology, you never have to commute to remote GED tutorial and training centers – you now have the option to study for the GED test in the comfort of your own home, at your most convenient time and preferred pace.

To take the GED online training course preparations, you must be GED-eligible first. You have to at least be in the eight grades to even apply. Once you sign up, you will be given an instructor to assist you throughout the review.

The GED course was designed so that you can decide your own paced and guide yourself independently throughout. If circumstances permit, you can visit other students taking the same course. The best teaching method is still the old formula, – the more students who collaborate together, and the faster they solve the problems.

The GED test is made up of five parts, and the online training module offers a specific course for each part.

Part one deals with writing skills including the elements of the English language, parts of speech and sentence structure. You will be required to write a composition consisting of at least two hundred words. In this course, you will learn the major parts of the speech, basic spelling rules and punctuations. You will also be taught paragraph structure and four types of writing, namely the narrative, descriptive, persuasive and informative.

Part two deals with mathematics (including basic arithmetic, geometry and algebra). This section will help you develop the skills of a high school graduate in arithmetic, including fractions, percentages and other basic statistical measurements. You will learn how to effectively estimate your answers, and solve a problem using various steps, among others.

Part three deals with the sciences – biology, physics, earth science and chemistry. Here, you will be taught how to apply what you have learned in everyday life to solve scientific problems. You will also be taught critical reading skills, and the basics of results interpretation.

Part four deals with literature and the arts, including popular and classical literature and commentary on the fine arts. You will know how to analyze style and structural element in selected passages.

Part five deals with social studies including behavioral science, American history, economics, geography and political science. Here you will learn how to read and interpret concepts in the subject areas. The test will cover your ability to use ideas and concepts effectively.

Using the GED online training course does not guarantee anything – at the end of the day, whether you pass the GED test or not is still entirely dependent on how hard you work. But while GED online modules are not fail-safe ‘passports’ to a high school diploma, it is still almost indispensable – use it wisely and it can get you a step closer to that certificate.