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A Master’s Degree Can Brighten Your Career Prospects

So, it’s graduation day and you are standing in front of hundreds of people in your cap and gown, proud of the four years you have spent leading up to this moment. After you receive your Bachelor’s degree and get your head on straight, you will need a game plan. What do you do with your degree and this awful job market? There are opportunities for you to utilize your chosen degree, but furthering your education is also a fail-proof way to go!

Consider the GMAT or GRE exams to get into grad school for a Master’s degree. These multiple choice entrance exams determine where and when you will be accepted into graduate school programs. By scoring well on these types of exams, you will catch the attention of certain schools and possibly be offered a scholarship for attending.

A Master’s degree can provide a lot for you; if you know which general area of study you would like to enter, graduate school can give your resume the competitive edge it deserves. There are a lot of unemployed people out there in the job market, and some have many years of experience. By building your resume with valuable education, you can separate and distinguish yourself from the sea of resumes.

If you were enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program for criminal justice, consider moving on to law school. Whether you would like to be a lawyer or legislative worker, you can also act as a lobbyist for the causes you care most for. There are hundreds of thousands of lobbyists who work in Washington D.C. for one cause all year long in order to have politicians take notice. They push for what they believe in and back their causes up with facts and figures. With a little help on their side, they are able to negotiate their way into the upcoming changing legislation.

If you have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in business administration or entrepreneurial studies, perhaps an MBA (Master’s of business administration) degree could take your career to the next level. Many MBA programs are offered in mixed mode (half online, half in person) or completely online making it easy for the working professional to attend courses.

In order to be a licensed counselor or psychiatrist, you will need to study beyond your four-year degree. Entering graduate school for psychology is a great move that will allow you to have more one-on-one time with patients as you are licensed to do so. A Bachelor’s degree is a great start, but if you are truly passionate for helping others, your four-year degree will not allow you to begin your own practice or prescribe any medications.

If you are interested in a Master’s degree in health sciences and biology, there are many ways to utilize that degree. Anesthesiologists as well as medical assistants and nurse practitioners have a medical background and move on to a Master’s degree to complement their Bachelor’s degree.

Although it is not for everyone, enrolling in graduate school and obtaining your Master’s degree is a great way to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other job seekers just like yourself who are fighting for the same positions. Not only will you have a better competitive edge, but your starting salary as well as position may be a lot greater once you earn your Master’s degree. Taking online college courses can be a smart choice since you can continue working while studying for your higher degree!